2018 WWISL Rules

WWISL Cup/Spectator Cup Games
If a cup game ends in a tie/draw after regulation time, the game will go straight to a standard penalty shootout (five penalty kicks aside + extra rounds if required).

Examples of payment/non-payment to officials:
  • If a game is not played because the field is not playable, the fee is 50%
  • If a game starts, the full fee must be paid regardless of how much of the game is completed
  • If the field is closed, there is no payment to the officials
  • If one team does not have enough players to start the game, the officials will be paid their full fee
Match Official Resources ( Referee Fees Per Game (2018 Season)
DivisionHead RefereeAssistant Referees
Men's Open$60.00$35.00 (x2)
Women's Open$60.00$35.00 (x2)

Referees for WWISL games will be paid at the end of the season except when officiating a game with the home team's affiliation belonging to one of the following clubs: Croatia, Haldimand (Caledonia, Cayuga, Hagersville), Polonia, Sons of Italy, and Sparta - teams from these clubs pay at the field for regular season games only.
For all WWISL Cup games, referees will be paid at the end of the season.

Useful Links for Referees
WWISL Game Rules
FIFA Laws of the Game apply with the following exceptions; click here for those exceptions, courtesy of The Hamilton & District Soccer Association

Flag technique (FIFA Laws of the Game 2016/2017 - Pages 187 & 188)
The AR’s flag must always be unfurled and visible to the referee. This usually means the flag is carried in the hand closest to the referee. When making a signal, the AR stops running, faces the field of play, makes eye contact with the referee and raises the flag with a deliberate (not hasty or exaggerated) motion. The flag should be like an extension of the arm. The ARs must raise the flag using the hand that will be used for the next signal. If circumstances change and the other hand must be used, the AR should move the flag to the opposite hand below the waist.

FIFA Laws of the Game 2016/2017

Assistant Referee Signals (Sideline Soccer)
The assistant referee’s flag must always be visible to the referee, unfurled and still whilst running. When making a signal, the assistant referee must stop running, face the field of play, make eye contact with the referee and raise the flag with deliberate (not hasty or exaggerated) motions. The flag should be like an extension of the arm. Continue reading »

YouTube Videos
2009 Assistant Procedures wm1024 (BC Soccer)
Assistant Referee ~ Signals (Ken Aston Referee Society)
Procedures: Assistant Referee Signals (U.S. Soccer)
Procedures: Referee Signals (U.S. Soccer)

2018 West Wentworth Interlock Soccer League
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